20 Professors Changing Biomedical Engineering

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Of course, there are numerous other highly-respected and talented instructors who work in the realm of biomedical engineering. These individual educators were selected, however, based on a specific set of criteria, which are detailed below:

  • Publications - the instructors detailed on this list of professors have all contributed to (or solely authored) a number of publications, ranging from individual articles to entire books or book chapters.
  • Level of Education - the educators on this list have all attained doctorate degrees, many specifically in the field of biomedical engineering.
  • Active Educators - all of the professors on the list are actively teaching at their specific institution.
  • Outside Commitment - in addition to teaching in the field of engineering, all of these professors have also worked or are currently working on a number of additional projects associated with other professional organizations, government agencies, or other individuals or businesses.

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