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Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Engineering in New Hampshire

Bachelor of Computer Science in Software Engineering – Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University of Manchester offers an online bachelor’s of computer science in software engineering. Students learn proven software design methodologies and how to develop code using languages such as C++, Java, and Python. For software testing, students learn to use tools such as Netbeans, OpenGL, and Eclipse, enjoying the opportunity to design software for all platforms, including smartphones. The cost is $320 per credit plus additional fees. There is a special rate for U.S. service members and their spouses. The program is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, among other accreditation associations. The 120 credit-program includes instruction in data structures and algorithms, advanced programming concepts, physics, computer platform technologies, the software development lifecycle, fundamentals of data mining and many others. For more information on admission requirements and to apply, please visit SNHU’s admissions page, contact [email protected] or call (888) 327-SNHU.

Bachelor of Computer Science in Information Security – Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University also offers an online bachelor of computer science in information security. This degree prepares students to effectively fight software attacks which are growing in sophistication and frequency. Students learn secure programming principles; how to decipher and analyze software; and the nuances of cybersecurity fields. Programming in Java, C++, and Python are staples of this program, as well as the use of testing tools such as OpenGL, Netbeans, and Eclipse. The cost is $320 per credit plus additional fees. Again, there is a special rate for U.S. service members and their spouses. The program is accredited by the NEASC and other accreditation associations. The program consists of 120 credits in subjects such as computer platform technologies, secure coding, cybersecurity and information assurance, software reverse engineering, and others.

It’s worth noting that SNHU also offers online bachelor’s degrees in computer science and game programming and development.

Online Master’s Degrees in Engineering in New Hampshire

Master of Science in Construction Management – Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University offers an MS in construction management. The program focuses on planning and management specific to the construction process. It requires 12 courses in areas such as cultivating organizational culture, resource planning and decision making, critical issues in management capstone, corporate communications, human behavior in organizations, strategic human resources management, business research, project management, and others. Again, SNHU’s programs are accredited by the NEASC and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. The cost of the program is $627 per credit, plus fees. Again, active military members and their families may be able to enjoy a discount.

Master of Business Administration in Engineering Management – Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University offers an MBA in engineering management through a partnership with the prestigious Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The 14-course program is designed to meet the demands of the professional engineer and can be completed in as few as 18 months. Students gain the knowledge necessary to meet the demand for engineering managers who effectively lead departments and organizations. Courses focus on integrating knowledge with systems and best practices, improving efficiency and effectiveness, as well as fostering collaboration and communication with engineering teams. Programs are accredited by the NEASC and ACBSP. Courses include an introduction to engineering for engineering managers, systems thinking for engineering managers, project management for engineering managers, mathematics and statistics for business, operations management and technology, among others. The cost of the program is $627 per credit plus fees.

Please note that SNHU also offers online master’s degrees in online master’s degrees in management and business administration.

Other Online Engineering Programs in New Hampshire

Graduate Certificate in Data Science – University of New Hampshire

The University of New Hampshire offers an online graduate certificate in data science that explores key concepts and techniques for deriving meaning from virtual mountains of data. Courses focus on data architecture, data mining, programming, statistical modeling, and data visualization. Professionals can complete the 12-credit certificate in as little as four months. Total program tuition for New Hampshire residents is just under $10,000, and slightly higher for non-residents.

Note that UNH also offers a related graduate certificate in health data science.

Online Engineering Programs – What to Consider

There are things to consider when pursuing an online engineering degree. These include the quality of the education offered, the total cost of the program, the institution’s reputability, the time required to complete the degree, admissions deadlines, and other factors.

Since online learning requires substantially more independence than traditional, on-campus degree programs, aspiring distance-based engineering students should consider:

  • What is the full cost of the program and are there scholarships available?
  • Do online students have in-state status?
  • Is the program authorized to operate in New Hampshire? (more on “state authorization” below)
  • What is the estimated completion time for full-time students? Can the program be completed on a part-time basis?
  • Can online classes be viewed at the student’s convenience or are there specific times set aside for live lectures?
  • Does any work need to be completed on campus?
  • Are students able to complete practical experience credits near where they live?

In addition to the above questions, aspiring students should determine their program’s accreditation and state authorization statuses before making a final decision.


Accreditation is very important for schools in engineering fields and shows that a college or university maintains certain standards of excellence. For example, programs typically must have published student outcomes and monitor student success according to the set standards. They must also have educational outcomes and meet standards for teaching staff. These are just some examples of the many criteria involved in becoming accredited. Accredited programs are an indicator of academic quality. Prospective students should be aware that accreditation by certain organizations may be required to qualify for certain graduate programs, certifications, or employment opportunities.

Not all accrediting organization are the same, however, as some carry more weight than others. Aspiring students should seek out programs which have been accredited by an organization approved by the U.S. Department of Education’s Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). In addition, aspiring students should understand that accreditation is available through different organizations on a programmatic, national, and regional level. To be sure, the following includes a list of prominent organizations that accredit online engineering programs in New Hampshire:

National Accreditation Agencies

Regional Accreditation Agencies

Programmatic Accreditation Agencies

State Authorization

Students in New Hampshire are only eligible to enroll in online engineering programs that have been authorized to operate NH. Also, some online engineering programs in other states may not provide admissions to non-resident students or have differing tuition rates. All online students should carefully examine state policies before applying to any programs. Be sure to contact program coordinators to ensure out-of-state eligibility or check a program’s “state authorization” page (e.g., Southern New Hampshire University).

Admissions Requirements for Online Engineering Schools

Admission requirements can be different depending on the school and program chosen. Students should contact the specific programs of interest to find out the exact requirements and deadlines for that program.

Here are some typical admissions requirements for online engineering programs:

  • Official high school or college transcripts with a minimum cumulative GPA (typically 3.0 or above)
  • Essays
  • Completion of specific coursework depending on the program
  • Official SAT/ACT test scores for bachelor’s programs
  • Official score reports from the GMAT, GRE, or MAT for graduate programs
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Completion of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • Application fee
  • TOEFL test scores (for applicants whose first language isn’t English)

Online Engineering Professors in New Hampshire

Dr. Kent A. Chamberlin – University of New Hampshire

Dr. Kent Chamberlin is a professor in the electrical and computer engineering department at the University of New Hampshire. He holds a BS, MS, and PhD from Ohio University with a specialization in computational electromagnetics. He has over 35 years of engineering experience and has performed research for more than 20 sponsors. His awards include two Fulbright honors and numerous teaching recognitions. Under his direction, UNH’s first internet-based online learning program was developed in 1998 and he continues to be an active online professor. He has served as an associate editor for the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers and was appointed by New Hampshire’s governor to the state’s Distance Learning Commission. He also serves on the boards of the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School and the Great Bay e-Charter School.

Dr. Andrew L. Kun – University of New Hampshire

Dr. Andrew L. Kun is also a professor in the electrical and computer engineering department at the University of New Hampshire. He is a graduate of UNH and holds a BS, MS, and PhD. He was born in Szeged, Hungary in 1968 and became an assistant professor in September of 2000 and later an associate professor. He teaches online courses in the graduate certificate programs at UNH. His areas of research include speech user interfaces and pervasive computing.

Dr. Michael J. Carter – University of New Hampshire

Dr. Michael J. Carter is an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of New Hampshire, where he serves as the American Association of University Professors-UNH President. He holds a BS and PhD from the University of Michigan and an MS in electrical engineering from Stanford University. Dr. Carter has served with UNH since September of 1987. He teaches courses in communications systems and signal processing and especially enjoys helping students with their lab design projects. He developed and teaches a course on renewable energy conversion systems. Notably, he teaches analog and digital circuit design, as well as other courses.