The Future of Blockchain: An Interview with Expert Dr. Bina Ramamurthy Jan 09, 2020

One of the more glaring and present obstacles to blockchain adoption is the lack of educational pipelines into the field. But that, too, is changing, and academic institutions are finally beginning to catch up and prepare their students for the decentralized future.

Looking to 2020: Top Trends in Cybersecurity Dec 11, 2019

I began my career as a psychiatric nurse practitioner and until recently, I was using my skills in assessing and understanding human behavior to conduct UX research on topics like computer self-efficacy and organizational change.

Tech 2020: What’s Next in Software Engineering Dec 04, 2019

The personal computer, the laptop, and the smartphone are all just chunks of raw material until they’re enlivened by software engineering. The modern world can’t run without it, and the future depends on it. So what’s next?

Careers in Digital Marketing: Big Data & Social Analytics Nov 07, 2019

The field of digital marketing intersects with many other tech industries and grew out of traditional theories of advertising, marketing, and sales. Just like traditional marketing, the goal is to reach your target customer base, build brand awareness, and make a meaningful, data-generating connection.

Tech 2020: What’s Next in Mechanical Engineering Oct 21, 2019

Practically every major technological advance has relied upon the groundwork of mechanical engineers. While a core tenet across all aspects of engineering is to innovate upon the tools available, mechanical engineers bring together materials science, physics, and engineering to change the very nature of those integral tools.

Heroes in Engineering: A Spotlight on Energy Sources & Batteries Oct 14, 2019

George Crabtree, senior scientist and distinguished fellow at Argonne National Laboratory, distinguished professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and director of the JCESR, sees energy storage research having major applications when it comes to electric vehicles (EVs) and the electric grid.

Business Systems Analyst – A Day in the Life Aug 30, 2019

This is a role for tech-lovers, for logical thinkers, for those who like being given an answer and then are told to find the question. But it’s also a role for communicators, for relationship builders, for people who enjoy cross-departmental collaboration.

Private Research Universities with Phenomenal Engineering Programs & Faculty Aug 14, 2019

Students with a penchant for mathematics and the sciences might consider pursuing coursework in engineering at a private research university. Programs in engineering vary widely, but all of them train students to analyze, interpret, and build solutions for commercial and societal needs.

Tech 2020: What’s Coming in Computer Engineering Aug 12, 2019

Done right, computer engineering has put Americans on the moon with less computing power than one of today’s dishwashers. Done wrong, it’s caused two commercial airliners of incredible complexity to tragically crash into the ground after takeoff.

Artificial Intelligence Systems & Specializations: An Interview with Microsoft’s Sha Viswanathan Jul 11, 2019

The ability of a computer to learn and problem solve (i.e., machine learning) is what makes AI different from any other major technological advances we’ve seen in the last century. More than simply assisting people with tasks, AI allows the technology to take the reins and improve processes without any help from humans.