10 Best Engineering Blogs for University Students

While there’s no shortage of engineering blogs out there, we’ve taken a shot at narrowing down the list to 10 of our favorites for engineering students seeking fresh insights and useful information.

Artificial Intelligence Systems & Specializations: An Interview with Microsoft’s Sha Viswanathan

The ability of a computer to learn and problem solve (i.e., machine learning) is what makes AI different from any other major technological advances we’ve seen in the last century. More than simply assisting people with tasks, AI allows the technology to take the reins and improve processes without any help from humans.

Automotive Cybersecurity: Connected & Self-Driving Vehicles

This guide, intended for students and working professionals interested in entering the nascent field of automotive cybersecurity, describes some of the challenges involved in securing web-enabled vehicles, and features a growing number of university programs, companies, and people who are rising to meet those challenges.

Business Systems Analyst – A Day in the Life

This is a role for tech-lovers, for logical thinkers, for those who like being given an answer and then are told to find the question. But it’s also a role for communicators, for relationship builders, for people who enjoy cross-departmental collaboration.

Careers in Digital Marketing: Big Data & Social Analytics

The field of digital marketing intersects with many other tech industries and grew out of traditional theories of advertising, marketing, and sales. Just like traditional marketing, the goal is to reach your target customer base, build brand awareness, and make a meaningful, data-generating connection.

Combating Climate Change with Better Batteries

With 100 percent renewable energy as the ideal future state, startups and established players are racing to find the right mix of cheap, safe, and effective utility-scale energy storage. Learn more about some of the latest advances and new directions for combating climate change by making better batteries.

Engineering Careers for Extroverts

Among all employment sectors, engineering and technology are stereotypically replete with introverts. While that is the stereotype, many engineering occupations aren’t as introverted as they’ve been portrayed. Read more about four such occupations.

Engineering School Q&A: How to Ace the Candidate Interview

This guide reveals how to ace a candidate interview for engineering school at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It includes a resource guide for preparation and how to draft stellar responses to common questions.

Five Hot Engineering Careers for 2018 That Didn’t Exist in 2012

Few professional fields evolve as quickly as engineering. Unlike professionals in many other fields, engineers are taught to innovate quickly, disrupt assumptions, and experiment wildly with technological breakthroughs.

Guide to Engineering Conferences in 2019

Engineering is an exceptionally dynamic sector. It is continually changing and expanding, and experts, professionals, and academics in the field need to keep pace with all of the latest developments. Conferences provide professionals in various engineering disciplines with knowledge about cutting-edge tools, technology, and skills in the field.

Heroes in Engineering: A Spotlight on Artificial Intelligence

When is a computer more than a machine? One person’s concept of artificial intelligence (AI) can be quite different from the next person’s. In its most basic form, artificial intelligence is a process in which machines take cues from their environment and act responsively to achieve a goal.

Heroes in Engineering: A Spotlight on Electric Vehicles

The mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) depends on many of factors, but they all boil down to two things: 1) access to cost-efficient EVs, and 2) a power grid that can support them. This story delves into both.

Heroes in Engineering: A Spotlight on Energy Sources & Batteries

George Crabtree, senior scientist and distinguished fellow at Argonne National Laboratory, distinguished professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and director of the JCESR, sees energy storage research having major applications when it comes to electric vehicles (EVs) and the electric grid.

Heroes in Engineering: A Spotlight on Robotics

A recent report by the International Data Corporation (IDC) projects that global spending on robotics and related services will exceed $135 billion by 2019, and continue to grow at an annual compound rate of about 17 percent.

Heroes in Engineering: An Interview with a White Hat Hacker

For many of us, when we hear the term “hacker” we immediately think of the perpetrators of data breaches. HackerOne is helping to change that. The truth is that hackers are essential in keeping the internet safe. Hackers are intellectually curious, driven by transparency, and motivated to find weaknesses.

Heroes in Engineering: The Architects of Benevolent VR

From developing VR programs and environments to designing more affordable VR technology, engineers have given other experts a means of improving our lives and environment.

How to Write a Great Engineering School Personal Statement

The personal statement for engineering school is not just an essay. It has to be smart, engaging, typo-free, and capable of convincing exhausted admissions reviewers that you are a better fit for their program than the other thousands of applicants they are reviewing.

Interview with an Expert: A Spotlight on Self-Driving Vehicles

Not long ago, self-driving cars were science fiction. Today, not so much. Influential companies like Tesla, Uber, Apple, and Google boast dynamic auto-drive programs, and many new startups are following their lead.

My Career as a Microsoft User Researcher: Human-Centered Design & Engineering

Human-centered design, sometimes also called human-computer interaction or engineering psychology, teaches the importance of prioritizing the needs, desires, and behaviors of people when building technology. Professionals in this discipline are usually called user experience (UX) practitioners.

Online Engineering Degree Scholarships (2019)

With the costs of higher education rising every year, it is only natural for students to seek scholarships to finance their undergraduate and graduate education. What’s more, the demand for candidates with a postsecondary education is increasing.

Private Research Universities with Phenomenal Engineering Programs & Faculty

Students with a penchant for mathematics and the sciences might consider pursuing coursework in engineering at a private research university. Programs in engineering vary widely, but all of them train students to analyze, interpret, and build solutions for commercial and societal needs.

Software Engineering for Good: Benevolent Careers for Engineers

Discover the humanitarian applications of artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, and big data, including exclusive interviews with industry predictions and a discussion of current advances across these sectors of software engineering.

Tech 2020: Non-Invasive Medical Nanotechnology

Although the scale of invasion into a person’s body for necessary medical treatment and diagnosis can exist in wide ranges, invasive types of procedures can involve pain and permanent scarring. With a scale on a molecular level and with the ingenuity that comes with engineering, nanotechnology and biomedical engineering have great capacity to transition invasive medical procedures into the non-invasive category.

Tech 2020: What’s Coming in Biomedical Engineering

The speed, precision, and possibility demonstrated by 3D printing has not escaped the notice of the regenerative medicine branch of bioengineering. Bioprinting, an emerging technology for creating living tissue and organs in the lab, is one way in which biomedical engineers are exploring how to solve the soaring demand for organ transplants.

Tech 2020: What’s Coming in Computer Engineering

Done right, computer engineering has put Americans on the moon with less computing power than one of today’s dishwashers. Done wrong, it’s caused two commercial airliners of incredible complexity to tragically crash into the ground after takeoff.

Tech 2020: What’s Next in Environmental Engineering

The practical applications of environmental engineering have the potential to contribute to solutions to the plastic crisis, the climate crisis, the lack of sanitation on a global scale, the environmental impact of Western hunger for beef, and the impact of air travel on planetary warming.

Tech 2020: What’s Next in Mechanical Engineering

Practically every major technological advance has relied upon the groundwork of mechanical engineers. While a core tenet across all aspects of engineering is to innovate upon the tools available, mechanical engineers bring together materials science, physics, and engineering to change the very nature of those integral tools.

The LGBTQ Community’s Guide to Engineering

Many believe science and engineering to be strictly objective and dispassionate, but the identity of a person no doubt shapes his or her way of viewing the world. By discriminating against women, minorities, and members of the LGBTQ community, STEM fields are limiting their perspective and approaches to problem-solving. It’s essential to support a diversity of minds and foster an inclusive working environment to tackle the pressing issues of our day.

What Elements Shape User Experience (UX)? The Perspective of a Microsoft Researcher

User experience refers to how a person feels and behaves when using a system, service, or product. The UX discipline is vast, including a variety of professionals who focus on making experiences that are valuable and accessible to people.

Women in Cybersecurity: Challenges, Opportunities, and the Future of the Field

By 2020, there will be a need for 1.5 million new employees in the global information security workforce, and experts in the field are expressing concern that new entrants will fall short of this quota.

Women in Engineering: Degree Programs & Opportunities

Why are women underrepresented in engineering, the top-paying undergraduate major in the country? Why does a disproportionate amount of engineering research funding go to men? Which schools are actively creating opportunities for women? Which female engineers are leading the way? Find out here.