What Blockchain Is (and Isn’t): A Primer on How It’s Used Oct 12, 2020

In a society that runs on data and rewards that data’s accuracy, timeliness, and security, blockchain technology has a lot of promise. But its applicability isn’t universal, and the tech still faces significant hurdles to widespread adoption.

Trends in Materials Engineering: 2020 and Beyond Sep 04, 2020

Engineers take from their surroundings and make something greater than the sum of its parts. But materials engineers go one step further, creating entirely new materials and structures from which to work.

The Great Debate Over the Future of Nuclear Energy Aug 13, 2020

In 2000, nuclear energy from just 30 countries provided approximately 15 percent of worldwide electricity capacity. But by 2019, its share had fallen to 10 percent, with the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicting that without intervention it would fall even further, to 5 percent, by 2040. That represents a significant drop in what could be an important source of clean energy.

Women in Mathematics: Breaking Barriers One Problem at a Time Jul 08, 2020

There’s a long history of women breaking barriers in mathematics: from Ada Lovelace, considered the world’s first computer programmer, to Sofia Kovalevskaya, the first woman to receive a PhD in mathematics, to Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to receive the Fields Medal.

10 Video Games for Civil Engineers Jun 05, 2020

The concepts of civil engineering are particularly well-suited for the game environment, emphasizing the proper distribution of resources, the management of supply chains, and how the built environment interacts with the lived environment.

How GIS Analysts Improve Urban Planning During COVID-19 and Beyond May 15, 2020

For most of history, urbanization was largely unplanned. That led to overcrowding, inequality, inefficiency, and acute susceptibility to other preventable crises. But today’s cities are armed with some of the most powerful tools ever made available to urban planners: geospatial data and GIS (geographic information systems).

How AI Is Being Used to Fight COVID-19: Expert Interview May 08, 2020

For the last few years, AI has been trumpeted as the solution to many of the future’s problems, especially in the field of healthcare. But in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s being asked to deal with the here-and-now. So far, it’s up to the task.

Guide to the Best Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News May 05, 2020

There’s rarely a dull moment in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. But staying on top of the latest events isn’t easy. True to the decentralized, cypherpunk origins of its subject matter, blockchain and cryptocurrency news runs a little wilder, and a little more scatterbrained, than what you might be used to.

Software for All: Interview with an Expert on Inclusive Web Technology Apr 02, 2020

“Between 20 and 25 percent of the US population has some form of accessibility issue, ranging from the type of that is more visible, i.e., someone who is deaf or blind, to the more mundane, but nonetheless important, ideas of faulty memory or needing larger print sizes,” Keats says.

Tech 2020: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mar 03, 2020

GIS adds a new dimension to the concept of Big Data. By factoring in the context of time and space, geographic information systems (GIS) allow the human eye to observe how massive data sets change over time and better recognize the patterns that emerge as a result.