As technology and instructional methods have grown more sophisticated, so too have options for earning an engineering degree online. In short, we are approaching a tipping point in the number of well-regarded, traditional universities moving some, most, or even all of their engineering programs online. Of course, this raises questions. In this section we attempt to address those questions. Note that this section will be growing significantly as the www.onlineengineeringprograms.com editorial staff responds to additional queries.

Becoming an Engineer

Here, we figure out whether we have what it takes to become an engineer. And also, by the way, just what does it take? What are the steps to become a particular kind of engineer? How long does each typically take? What are the admissions requirements and pre-requisites? Find out here.

Specialization Vs. Specialization

Everyone likes a good, old-fashioned, no-holds barred grudge match. So here, without delay, we bring you our version of an engineering battle royale! Compare one branch of engineering with another and see (well, imagine) them duking it out as they air their differences. And as for which specialization wins, well... you be the judge.